Kate Middleton-Approved Bag Brand Manu Atelier Launches Shoes

Drumroll: Manu Atelier’s footwear debut drops today with exclusives at Selfridges London and Lane Crawford for the Asian market.

The pre-fall launch collection features nine silhouettes including square-toed, lace-up “duck boots” and new directional takes on the classic Mary Jane.

Co-founder sisters Beste and Merve Manastir grew up in their father’s Istanbul leather workshop making miniature handbags from offcuts they found on the floor, and since they launched for real in 2014, their bags have achieved cult status. A green version of the label’s signature box bag has even been toted on the arm of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Twice. We caught up with Merve Manastir yesterday for the lowdown on the new category.

Why did you decide to expand into footwear?

“We’ve been getting our own shoes customized since forever by an artisan based in the same complex as our father’s workshop in Istanbul, and people were always asking us where we got them. We feel there is a lack of emphasis on real craftsmanship in the industry, so we wanted to address that, too.”

How does the aesthetic of the shoes translate from that of the bags?

“We don’t like things that shout ‘look at me.’ The mono cuts and the stitching of the uppers are done in a similar way to the bags. We are obsessed with proportions, and geometrics are also a key theme for us. The bottoms of our bags are hand-stitched with folded corners like paper plane. We patented that technique.”

Your silhouettes are really specific. Where did you get the ideas?

“The loafers and Mary Janes especially were inspired by the shoes our mum wore in the ‘90s. As for the duck boots, we are very into the Victorian era but also obsessed with square toes and long lasts, so they were a combination of the two.”

Where do you get your leather from, and where are the shoes made?

“The leather is from Turkey, and the production is split between our family factory in Istanbul and an artisanal factory in Venice, Italy, that has a similarly traditional vibe.”

Is there a sustainable angle to the production?

“Where possible, we try to use leather offcuts from the bags to make the shoes and vice versa.”

How do your shoes fit into a saturated market?

“Even though our shoes are affordable — they retail between $250 and $600 — they have the same premium quality, design aspect and attention to detail as more expensive luxury labels, and that is something that people are looking for increasingly.”

The Duchess of Cambridge carried your Micro Bold Top Handle bag in March. Was it planned?

“Not at all. It wasn’t a PR placement; she or her stylist must have bought it at retail. I cried when I saw it, as it felt like such a historic moment for us. We always dreamed of seeing our father’s craftsmanship on a global scale. It wasn’t because she is royalty, but more because she has such a positive influence on other women.”

Meet the Stars!

The next generation of High School Musical is here!

Disney announced the stars of their upcoming Disney+ series, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Friday, with production currently underway in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The 10-episode series picks up nearly 15 years after High School Musical, starring Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, aired on Disney Channel in 2006. The show takes place at East High, following a group of students as they count down to the opening night of their school’s production of High School Musical.

Joshua Bassett (Stuck in the Middle) was previously announced to play Ricky, a “sarcastic yet charismatic skate rat and high school junior, who launches a bold plan to prove himself to his ex-girlfriend Nini — by auditioning to star opposite her in the school’s first-ever production of High School Musical: The Musical.”

Olivia Rodrigo (Bizaardvark) plays Nini, “who just returned from summer theater camp after finding her voice, her confidence — and her new boyfriend. Fiercely loyal to her two moms, Nini is a star — if she can just believe in herself long enough to stay put in the spotlight.”

Kate Reinders (Work It) plays Miss Jenn, “the school’s new high-energy, low-reality drama teacher, who believes musicals can save lives.” Sofia Wylie (Andi Mack), meanwhile, plays Gina, “a recent transfer student and a diehard theater kid with as many skeletons in the closet as she has credits on her résumé. She is both ambitious and entitled, and dead set on showing Miss Jenn that she made a huge mistake in casting her as the understudy.”

Matt Cornett (Bella and the Bulldogs) plays E.J., “Nini’s new love interest, the supremely confident son of two corporate lawyers, who secretly battles the pressure of living up to his picture-perfect Instagram account. Co-captain of the water polo team, senior class treasurer, and trust fund baby…it’s not a good idea to cross E.J. if you get something he wants — like the lead in the musical.”

Dara Renee’ (Freaky Friday) plays Kourtney, “Nini’s ride-or-die best friend who’s obsessed with makeup tutorials and feminism in equal measure. Kourtney works on the costume crew of High School Musical, pulling together runway-ready fashion on a high school budget.”

Julia Lester (Mom) plays E.J.’s cousin, Ashlyn, an “old soul who worships Sara Bareilles and is an aspiring songwriter on the sly,” while Frankie A. Rodriguez (Modern Family) plays Carlos, “the captain of the color guard and the student choreographer for the show. Carlos thinks of Miss Jenn as a peer. He eats lunch in her office, has been drinking espresso since the 3rd grade and already has his Tony Awards speech memorized.”

Larry Saperstein (Fan Girl) plays Big Red, “a skater boy through and through. Big Red is the spiritual cousin of both Bill and Ted: always fuzzy and he’s been sleep-deprived since preschool. Big Red is weirdly devastated by Ricky and Nini’s breakup — his surest role is as their wisecracking third wheel.”

Rounding out the cast is Mark St. Cyr (Doomsday) as Mr. Mazzara, “East High’s somewhat robotic S.T.E.M. teacher. His belief in preparing students for the future often leads him to butt heads with Miss Jenn, who would rather sing about life than live in the real world.”

The High School Musical cast reunited in 2006 in celebration of the movie’s 10th anniversary.

The new must-haves at Indian weddings

What’s the newest addition to The Big Fat Indian wedding? A dream destination? A designer outfit? A customised wedding invitation? The latest addition to these is wedding cakes. Couples are found to be spending a lot of time on their wedding cake.

Wedding cakes are supposed to bring luck and happiness to the newlyweds and there are different types of cakes made based on flavour, themes, presentation, and sizes. These could be big larger than life cakes with multiple elements or small, simple and elegant cakes.

But are the Indian wedding cakes similar to their western counterparts?

Though the concept is definitely Western, Indian weddings have taken this trend to the next level with innovation and grandeur.

Alisha Shirodkar Aggarwal, Marketing Director Tamarind Global and Suchit Mahajan from Deliciae Cakes share some nuances of this latest trend as we present some of the types of wedding cakes in demand.


This avoids fondant and keeps the buttercream to a minimum too. A touch of gold foil on these cakes adds zing. “Innovation for us this time around is in the flavors. We’ve introduced the White collection that has a lot of interesting new flavors like the Raspberry Cream cheese, and also the Gluten Free health cakes which we will also be doing in our wedding cakes,” says Suchit.


Everyone loves a little bling, especially when it comes to weddings. Metallic cakes are the latest in the market. Gold and white or silver, copper, rust are the most trending hues. They are being incorporated along with classic designs, flowers or even sequins and gold lace. The white and cold wedding cakes are the latest trends and clients accessorise them with coloured flowers or gold lace. Suchit says most wedding clients come to them for the Luxury Collection cakes. They recently did a 7-tier (160 kg) wedding cake.


It’s a cake with cute little toppings which can be in the form of some figurines, a monogram of your wedding, small miniatures of the newlyweds or even for that matter the recreation of a special moment in the couple’s journey. Cake toppers give the classic old wedding cake a quirky twist and add some colour, fun, and significance to it. “We tend to see everything ranging from completely over the top, extremely innovative and artistic to understated and elegant. We once saw a huge dragon-shaped chocolate cake where there was actually fire shooting out of the dragon’s mouth making quite an impact. Guests could take the marshmallows laid out, dip them in the dragons chocolate portion and roast the smores on the flames”, says Alisha.


Think romance, think delicate and think Lace. Lace inspired cakes have always been a favourite but they are returning with the edible lace cakes. The lace cakes take the traditional plain cake to a whole new level where the designs of the lace could even match your wedding outfit. Earlier the lace colours were restricted to pastel shades but now the cake designers are experimenting with tangerine, blue, bright green, and everything that catches the eye. For Bipasha Basu’s wedding, Deliciae Cakes made a simple looking white on white cake, with pearl finishing. The base was a slightly dull white, and the lacework was a bright white, so it stood out. The flowers were in a very slight shading of light pink. And the topper was in line with the Monkey Wedding theme.


The latest trend to hit this season is the concept of ‘printed’ wedding cakes. Any design that you want whether a quote, song lyrics, wedding invitation, the couple’s initials or images, all can be hand painted on the fondant covered cake.


You can get a foreign trend to India, but you cannot take the Indian influence out of it. The latest trend to hit the market in this context is the ‘henna inspired’ cake, which often carries the most intricate and complex designs, often the same henna design that is on the bride’s hand. The next in series are cakes in all shapes and sizes ranging from a ‘saree draped’ cake with traditional motifs made in edible gold, to the ‘’peacock motif’ cakes and even cakes in the shape of the matkas, dhols, elephants and more.

“The trick is to find a perfect balance between presentation and taste. Couples make a statement with the cake in different ways – they could completely customize the look in keeping with the theme or just go elegant but opt for grandeur through tiers and embellishments or even get an international brand such as Sprungli to make an impact. We have seen Sprungli counters at weddings where fresh truffles and cakes were being made for every function,” says Alisha.

The Western concept of wedding cake has made its way into at least one of the many Indian wedding functions — be it the engagement or reception. “Couples love to have fun with the cake decision – the flavor, the theme, the number of tiers or the general grandeur – we have seen more and more innovation with the cake that almost all weddings feature in some way or the other. Most often the cake cutting becomes a grand celebratory ritual post the wedding and is accompanied with champagne, fireworks, cold pyros and often the married couple’s entry into the function,” adds Alisha.

Why men are embracing plastic surgery in search of perfect bods

Once portrayed as the preserve of women, cosmetic surgery is now an acceptable option for a growing number of men in the UK, with thousands opting to go under the knife in their quest for better looks.

And it’s not just help with things like male breast tissue (‘moobs’) they’re after. With male surgical enhancement no longer carrying the social stigma it once did, they’re now looking more widely at the options – particularly those relating to the face, with procedures like nose jobs, ear correction and eyelid reduction all proving popular.

Consultant plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover, a former president of and spokesperson for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), says there’s been an increase in the number of men having cosmetic procedures over the last 10 years, with 2,417 men going under the knife last year.

The proportion of men vs women remains the same, however, with men making up roughly 10%, and women accounting for 90% of all procedures carried out.

“What was popular for many years was male breast reduction or ‘moob’ surgery, along with lots of things that were popular with women too, like liposuction,” says Grover.

“But recently we’ve found there’s been a real change – men are more face-focused and less body-focused, whereas women are the opposite.

“Men aren’t looked at with the same scrutiny as women – you see quite a few male celebrities who don’t look like an Adonis, but they’re okay.

The pressure is there for men, but as it’s more face-focused – facial procedures on the neck, nose, jaw etc are the gold standard for them.”

So what are the top cosmetic surgery procedures for men right now? According to BAAPS, these are the five most popular …

1. Rhinoplasty (nose job)

In 2017, 554 men had a rhinoplasty, or ‘nose job’, in the UK, an increase 5% from 2016. A rhinoplasty, which typically costs £5,000-£7,000, can increase or reduce the size of the nose, and change its shape or angle.

Surgery is performed either from inside the nostrils (closed rhinoplasty), or by making a small cut between the nostrils and lifting the skin (open rhinoplasty).

The type of operation will depend on the area of the nose being treated but, for example, if a bump on the bridge of the nose is being operated on, the surgeon removes the bone and cartilage causing the bump, and the nose may then be broken so the remaining pieces of bone can be moved closer together.

To change the length of the nose, the surgeon adjusts and reduces the septum (the bone and cartilage that divides the nasal cavity) to help shrink the tip and reduce overall length. Adjusting the cartilage at the nose tip can also reduce the length.

BAAPS warns there are limits to how much a nose can be altered, and the final result will depend on the size of the nose, the condition of the skin, and a patient’s age.

2. Otoplasty (ear correction)

Meanwhile, some 419 men had otoplasty surgery in the UK last year – down 0.5% from 2016. Otoplasty, which will set you back around £2,500-£3,000, adjusts the shape of the cartilage within the ear to allow the ear to lie closer to the side of the head.

Because the operation is carried out from behind the ears, a small scar is left close to the groove between the ear and the side of the head. The procedure can even be carried out under local anaesthetic.

3. Blepharoplasty

(eyelid reduction)

As we age, reduced elasticity in the skin results in loose skin, which ‘folds in’ the upper eyelids and forms deepening creases in the lower lids.

There’s also slackening of the muscle beneath the skin, allowing fat to protrude and appear baggy. Procedures to improve this are called blepharoplasty, which 403 men had in the UK in 2017, up 25% from 2016.

An upper-eyelid reduction can help improve vision and make people look younger, while lower-eyelid reductions can help reduce wrinkles and puffiness.

These procedures can be carried out under local or general anaesthetic, and the surgeon makes cuts in the creases of the upper lids and just below the lashes in the lower lids, extending them into the crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes.

Extra fat, excess skin and sagging muscle are removed through the cuts, and they are then stitched. Blepharoplasty will typically cost around £4,000-£6,000.

4. Male breast reduction

In 2017, 296 men had breast reduction surgery, down 7% from 2016.

Gynecomastia is the medical term for excess male breast tissue, which is a fairly common condition that usually has no known cause.

There are two main components of the breast – glandular tissue (firm and dense) and fatty tissue (soft), and in gynaecomastia there may be an excess of both. If the enlargement is predominantly fatty, liposuction, where tissue is sucked out through a tube inserted via a tiny incision, is the usual treatment.

If excess glandular tissue is the main problem, it may need to be cut out, leaving a scar around the nipple edge.

Liposuction can be performed at the same time if necessary. Most operations for gynaecomastia are performed under general anaesthesia, or sometimes under local anaesthesia with sedation, with a price-tag of around £2,000-£4,000.

5. Liposuction

Last year saw a 20% drop in the number of men undergoing liposuction, compared with 2016 figures, with 270 males opting for the procedure.

Liposuction can help improve the contours of parts of the body that some people may struggle to shift weight from, such as the tummy, hips, buttocks, knees, neck and upper arms.

Go Short and Sexy in Summer Cocktail Dresses for Girls

Grad DressesA lot of women find themselves in a crisis every time they have to get ready for a special occasion. Most of the time the dilemma is what to wear and how it would make you stand out in the crowd. Now and then when such a situation surfaces, it is natural to panic, especially at the last minute. There are a bunch of things that need to be done. But most importantly, finding the ideal dress for the evening. Fashion experts say, be it any occasion except for a formal one, a cocktail dress is quite appropriate, even if it is a long anticipated date.

But the question is how to find that quintessential dress, which would take everyone’s breath away? Here are some expert tips that will help you find your ‘soul-dress’:

A classic cocktail dress should be of knee length. However, a lot of variations have been introduced where the length of the dress is well above the knee; some are even at mid-thigh level which look extremely sexy. These may be good for parties and night outs but not so much for a date night.

Choose fabrics like silk and satin for your dress since rich fabric such as these have a sheen. It is good for the ‘celebration’ look. Don’t wear anything floor length.

Very important to get that overall flawless look is to get a cut that appreciates your body type. A gorgeous fabric will all the more flatter the fittings of your dress. Generally a cocktail dress looks great if the waistline women clothes online of the dress is slightly above your original waistline. You can either have a formfitting dress or the skirt could fall A-line.

A little black dress is the ultimate choice when it comes to cocktail dresses. However you can add details to it by wearing accessories or jewelry that compliment your dress. Do not go overboard with accessorizing. You can carry a Pashmina wrap with it if you like.

You can always opt for dresses in variety of colours. Just make sure it suits your skin tone.

As far as shoes are concerned, go for either high heels or decorative flats, anything that you are comfortable in.

After reading this if you are still confused about where to find an excellent cocktail dress, hands down, go online shopping. Online shopping gives you the convenience to shop from a place of your convenience, be it home or a subway train. Moreover, there is so much variety available at an e-retail store that you will not have any trouble finding your dress. Best is that, a lot of well known brands are available under one roof, which makes it your dress shopping experience more comfortable. One can also not ignore the crazy discounts one gets on branded products. Visit any online store today and you will feel the exclusivity of it all.

Don’t forget to have a great night in your beautiful summer cocktail dress.

Summer 2018 Campaign With Her New Handbag Line

She’s on a roll! Emily Ratajkowski surprised us all last month when she married her boyfriend, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in a surprise courthouse ceremony in NYC. And now the model is giving us another treat — starring in the dreamy Spring-Summer 2018 ad campaign for The Kooples and debuting a new line of adorable handbags she co-designed with the French brand. Sporting frilly floral dresses and showing off her structured bags, Ratajkowski poses in vintage cars against the desert oasis of Palm Springs, CA. The entire campaign has us dreaming of warmer weather — and wanting to get our hands on one of her cute top handle, belt bag and hobo designs. Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite pieces from the EmRata Kooples collection!

Coachella Ready
Consider this an upgraded take on festival dressing. The model looks pretty in the delicate floral Rosa Rosa Red Printed Silk Dress.

Pretty in Pink
The fanny pack is officially back! EmRata co-designed this belt bag in a variety of colors, but our favorite is the Pink Mock Croc.

Cherry Garcia
Great for transitional dressing, this cute cherry frock is sold out, but the brand makes a very similar style — the Cherry Love Long Black Silk Dress — with feminine lace detailing. Em’s Hobo Mini Leather Bag in Mustard, meanwhile, has both a long and short strap and lots of sections for easy use.

Animal Print
This modern take on the classic box bag gets an extra does of fun thanks to the faux-ponyskin leopard print.

Red Hot
While we may all not be able to look quite as chic lounging in a car, at least we can steal the model’s handbag style. This red mock-croc design comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and has a super functional detachable shoulder strap.

Slightly Buzzed
Once again playing with textures and prints, this embroidered black velvet bag has cute bee-detailing for extra whimsy.

Pick The Perfect Homecoming Dress Color

Red Satin Scoop A-line/Princess Short/Mini DressesHomecoming is a time of fun and excitement. The yearly tradition is always anticipated for, and major preparations are done. One of these preparations is choosing the right dress for the girls. A dress can make this day memorable and help the lady present herself in the most fashionable way ever.

Red homecoming dresses are ideal for girls who want to present themselves in a romantic way. The color is bright enough to attract the attention of everyone at the party. A girl dressing up in such a dress implies that she is confident and very feminine. It is a color of passion, extremes, power and adventure. Many people love this color when they want to run away from the common blacks and whites.

Unique Red Homecoming Designs

Since the red color for a homecoming dress will be turning the heads of everyone at the party, it is important that you get unique designs from online and local stores. Still, many other girls are also likely to go for the red color, and it is wise to go for a design that makes you outstanding.

Choosing the right design for red homecoming dresses depends on the girl’s body shape, and the desired length. Some of the common ladies’ body shapes include:

– Hourglass. A lady in this category has a small waist, big breasts, heavy thighs and big hips. A wrap around dress with a v neck can be ideal for such a woman. She could also go for the pencil dresses and corset types. Unfitting dresses can only make the lady with such a shape look fatter.

– Apple shaped woman. Such a woman has a heavy bust and most of the weight is concentrated around the waist. The arms and legs are normally slim. Straight red dresses with a v neckline can be ideal for such ladies.

– Pear shaped woman. Such girls tend to have a narrow ups and heavy bottoms. One should find a dress that draws all the attention of the upper part of the body, and less attention on the hips and thighs. Very tight dresses should be avoided.

Should You Go For The Long Or Short Red Homecoming Dress?

Choosing a short red homecoming dresses can be very sexy. The high heel shoes should be chosen in such an instance. One could also go for the long dresses and ensure that some of your body parts such as the waist are articulated. Finding the right shoes, jewelry and bag to go with the long or short dress will help the girl to get a complete look.

7 Major Changes for the Fall 2018 Menswear Season

Just when you thought the show schedule couldn’t get any crazier, our Fall 2018 Menswear calendars are actually looking a bit lighter than usual. Don’t get us wrong—it’s still going to be a jam-packed month of men’s shows, Pre-Fall appointments, couture week, and even a few early bird Fall 2018 women’s shows. But there are some noteworthy gaps, largely left by brands who are leaving the men’s calendar to host combined men’s and women’s shows during the ready-to-wear season.

While it’s certainly more efficient to join Gucci, Vetements, Bottega Veneta, and Jil Sander in doing a coed show, it means the menswear calendar has less star power. Still, we’d argue that it might at least keep everyone a little more sane. The early part of the year always feels especially crunched, to the point where the seasons aren’t just back-to-back, but they actually overlap. In the span of six weeks, we’ll have covered three collections by certain designers: Pre-Fall, menswear, and ready-to-wear.

Below, we’ve annotated the biggest changes to menswear—and we have a feeling there are more surprises in store this month.

1. Jonathan Anderson is combining his men’s and women’s collections into one show during the ready-to-wear season. His first coed JW Anderson show is scheduled for Saturday, February 17, the second day of London Fashion Week.

2. A.P.C. will not show a menswear collection, either. Jean Touitou has decided to combine his men’s and women’s collections into one presentation during Paris Fashion Week next month.

3. Balenciaga, too, is moving forward with combined shows during the ready-to-wear seasons, but Demna Gvasalia’s influence won’t be totally absent from Paris men’s week. The brand will debut its first men’s Pre-Fall collection in its Rue de Sèvres showroom on Friday, January 19. As with all things Gvasalia does, you can expect other men’s designers to follow suit. Kris Van Assche already added men’s Pre-Fall back in 2016, and Off-White’s Virgil Abloh introduced men’s Pre-Fall in November, explaining to Vogue’s Nicole Phelps that “the year is too long” and it’s one more opportunity to connect with customers.

4. A few other designers are missing from the men’s schedules this month, including Martine Rose, Topman Design, Ports 1961, Philipp Plein, and Tom Ford. Stay tuned, though—Ford tends to show on his own timeline.

5. Takahiro Miyashita and Undercover’s Jun Takahashi will join forces for a back-to-back show at Pitti Uomo in Florence. It’s destined to be a highlight of the men’s season; for starters, Miyashita hasn’t shown his menswear on the runway since 2009—since then, it’s just been by appointment—and the designers have been friends since the late ’90s.

6.. While there aren’t enough newcomers to fill in the gaps in the men’s calendar, Palomo Spain will show in Paris for the first time. Designer Alejandro Gómez is known for his romantic, gender-nonspecific clothes, and he was behind the lilac robe Beyoncé wore to announce the birth of her twins.

7. Sébastien Jondeau, known among fashion types as Karl Lagerfeld’s longtime bodyguard and personal assistant, will also debut a capsule collection for Lagerfeld’s self-named line at Pitti Uomo.

Margot Robbie and Allison Janney Make a Winning Red Carpet Team

Awards-show red carpet season is just over the horizon, and Sunday night’s Hollywood Film Awards in Los Angeles gave the world a taste of what’s to come. Angelina Jolie, Holly Hunter, Kate Mara, and more gathered at the Beverly Hills Hilton to honor performers like Mary J. Blige and Gary Oldman during the ceremony hosted, for the third year in a row, by James Corden. While everyone arrived on the red carpet in their award-show best, the night’s best duo happened to be I, Tonya co-stars Margot Robbie and Allison Janney.

Robbie wore a Louis Vuitton fresh-off-the-runway floral gown with exposed shoulders, and Janney chose a floor-length sequin gown by Rani Zakhem paired with a black L’Agence blouse. The cast of I,Tonya, which also includes Sebastian Stan, Paul Walter Hauser, and Julianne Nicholson, enjoyed a successful evening on Sunday, taking home the Hollywood ensemble award, while Janney won the Hollywood supporting-actress award.

Sunday night may be an indicator of what’s to come over the next couple of months for I, Tonya as it quickly approaches events like the Oscars and Golden Globes—but win or lose, one thing is clear: the cast will look good on the red carpet.

What to wear to the office in the heatwave

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s hot. Yay! But you still have to go to the office. Boo! Here are seven things that will keep you cool at work – in both senses – while the temperatures continue to rise.

The fancy white shirt

Yes, the white shirt is a work classic but – bonus – it’s also bang on trend this summer, as long as it’s not quite Michael Gove boring that is. Yours should have a tweak – a ruched sleeve, a twist in the middle, a bit of a frill – but still, at its core, it should just about fit with the corporate dresscode. In fact, the corporate look is now the height of fashion – see Martine Rose and Balenciaga. If fashion trends were a to-do list, this kind of white shirt ticks off several tasks in one.

The roomy dress

There are two schools of thought when it comes to dressing in the heat. One, as practised by Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards and model Bella Hadid, has crop-tops and short-shorts as its default – the theory being that wearing less clothes means a cooler body temperature and a rise in Instagram likes. The other is more office-friendly – all things wafty, roomy and loose. A bit like a kaftan but far smarter, there are lots of options on the high street that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow from the office gossip but allow you to float along breezily. Think Balenciaga by way of Victoria Beckham.

A wrap skirt

The tweed pencil skirt you usually pull out on default days is not going to cut it in 30C heat. To keep things sleek but without anything figure-hugging – no one needs to overheat in front of their colleagues – go with a wrap skirt. It looks architecturally interesting, but not so arty. The idea is to go for a look that’s less exhibition outing and more team meeting when buying into this trend – it’ll make your spends go furthest.


Fashion’s current obsession with all things Gucci is distilled in the backless mule. The high street has adopted them too and they’re actually an easy way to signal that it’s summer without any toes being revealed. Wear yours flat or mid-height. They look best with a cropped trouser or a midi skirt. Beauty note: a bit of a go-over on the heels with the pumice stone is advisable.

Wide-legged trousers

Even if your office is the sort where jeans are allowed, leave the denim at home. This week we’re dealing with the kind of that heat Brits are more often used to after taking a flight to the Med. While your holiday shorts are probably not a brilliant alternative for work, wide-leg trousers are. The best ones are smart and look way more chic – think Katharine Hepburn – than denim.

A lightweight blazer

In 2015, air conditioning was called out as sexist – the temperature was set in the 60s based on the metabolic rate of a 40-year-old, 70kg man, 3C lower than the average woman. So, don’t be surprised if you’re freezing at your desk even if it’s baking outside. An unstructured blazer is the answer. Asos calls its the “chuck on” blazer. If it comes with a tropical print, so much the better.

A cropped jumpsuit

As weddings testify, jumpsuits have gone beyond the wardrobes of style influencers waiting for the click of a camera to, well, pretty much everyone and everywhere. Work is no exception. To make the jumpsuit work for hot weather, keep it loose and cropped. And elevate it with smart pieces such as a white shirt.